Legislation Supported

The Commission supported 17 bills during the 2003-04 Legislative Session that would implement its recommendations.  The measures were in the areas of affordable housing, children's services, drug and alcohol abuse treatment, parole, prisons and public health.  Of those 17 bills, two were signed into law, six were vetoed, one failed passage in policy committee, seven failed passage in fiscal commitee, and one was amended into language unrelated to Commission recommendations.

Affordable Housing

Bill, Author Summary Status
AB 389 (Montañez) Requires a database and inventory be maintained to capture information on brownfields.  Combines provisions of SB 493 (Cedillo) enacting the California Land Reuse & Revitalization Act of 2004. Signed by Governor
Chapter 705, Satutes of 2004
AB 1426 (Steinberg) Dedicates housing bond funds for designated communities that meet the voluntary affordable housing production standards. Vetoed
SB 493 (Cedillo) Reestablishes funding to the Cleanup Loans and Environmental Assistance to Neighborhoods Account (CLEAN) to make loans available for encouraging the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfields. Failed to pass in Assembly Appropriations
SB 744 (Dunn) Requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to hear appeals on applications for the construction of affordable housing developments. Failed to pass in Assembly Local Government

Children's Services

Bill, Author Summary Status
AB 380 (Steinberg) Enables counties in the Children's System of Care program to systematically collect and maintain data that demonstrates specific outcomes of CSOC.  Failed to pass in Senate
SB 693 (Murray)  Establishes an undersecretary of foster care coordination within the Health and Human Services Agency. Failed to pass in Assembly Appropriations
SB 1343 (Escutia) Requires Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish a task force to develop recommendations for an Infant and Toddler Care Master Plan. Vetoed

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Bill, Author Summary Status
AB 2483 (Chan) Increases the coordination and availability of substance abuse treatment for adolescents by establishing pilot programs in four counties. Failed to pass in Assembly Appropriations
SB 519 (Vasconcellos) Provides drug treatment rather than confinement, for parolees of the California Youth Authority who have been charged with non-violent drug possession.  Vetoed


Bill, Author Summary Status
AB 854 (Koretz) Expands purpose of imprisonment to include education and job training strategies proven to increase public safety and reduce recidivism. Signed by Governor
Chapter 747, Statutes of 2004
AB 2815 (Hancock) Establishes pilot programs to provide pre-release planning information to local agencies so they may target resources and enhance the work of PACT in reintegrating inmates back into the community. Failed to pass in Assembly Appropriations
SB 1660 (Poochigian) Requires Department of Corrections and others to determine how to best encourage inmates to complete educational, vocational, and substance abuse programs. Failed to pass in Assembly Appropriations
SB 1715 (Poochigian) Requires Department of Corrections to begin the recidivism risk assessment process at the time of incarceration, rather than waiting until the time of an inmate's parole. Failed to pass in Senate Appropriations


Bill, Author Summary Status
AB 1219 (Montañez) Creates an educational board within the Department of Corrections, which will appoint a superintendent of correctional education and establish standards for inmate education.  Vetoed
AB 1914 (Montañez) Enacts the Prison Education Act; requires a newly constituted committee to develop and implement a plan for providing transitional educational services for inmates, including, but not limited to, counseling and placement services. Vetoed

Public Health

Bill, Author Summary Status
SB 858 (Ortiz) Creates the Department of Public Health within the Health and Human Services Agency;  transfers specified programs and responsibilities from the Department of Health Services to DPH; establishes a 13-member Public Health Board to provide involvement of the programs administered by DPH. Failed to pass in Assembly Appropriations
SB 1487 (Speier) Requires hospitals to collect and provide data concerning hospital-acquired infections to the Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development and the Department of Health Services. Vetoed

To obtain a copy of the legislation listed, contact the Legislative Bill Room at (916) 445-2645 or visit the following sites on the Internet: the California Assembly, the California Senate or the California Legislative Counsel Bureau's Legislative Data Center.

If you have specific questions about the legislation, contact the Little Hoover Commission, littlehoover@lhc.ca.gov, 925 L Street, Suite 805, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 445-2125 or (916) 322-7709 (fax).