Legislation Supported
2007-2008 Legislative Session

The Commission supported 10 bills that would implement its recommendations and evaluated five reorganization plans during the 2005-06 Legislative Session. The measures were in the areas of corrections, sentencing and parole; the State Allocation Board; disaster preparedness and public health; and alcohol and drug abuse. Of those 10 bills, three were signed into law, one was vetoed and six failed to pass.

Corrections, Sentencing and Parole

Bill, Author Summary Status
AB 76 (Lieber)  Requires CDCR to undertake various tasks related to female offenders, including creating a Female Offender Reform Master Plan and creating policies and practices designed to ensure a safe and productive institutional environment for female offenders. Signed by Governor, Chapter 706, Statutes of 2007
AB 77 (Lieber) Requires the Secretary of CDCR to appoint a working group to develop an action plan for reforming the parole system. Failed passage in Assembly Appropriations Committee
AB 1049 (Solorio) Requires CDCR to establish a re-entry program for parolees between 16 and 23 years of age in various cities to assist in community reintegration upon discharge from detention, as specified; re-entry programs would include construction training, academic services, counseling and tracking of graduates after completion of the program. Vetoed on 10/14/08
SB 110 (Romero) Creates the California Sentencing Commission to develop and implement a new sentencing system; provides for the appointment of an executive director and hiring of necessary staff. Held on Assembly Floor

State Allocation Board

Bill, Author Summary Status
SB 1552 (Margett) Revises and recasts numerous provisions relating to the State Allocation Board, including among others, the gubernatorial appointee to the board would be required to have expertise in construction issues, preferably relating to the construction of public elementary or secondary schools. Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee

Disaster Preparedness and Public Health

Bill, Author Summary Status
AB 38 (Nava) Merges the Office of Emergency Services and the Office of Homeland Security to create the California Emergency Management Agency, in the Office of the Governor, responsible for overseeing and coordinating emergency preparedness, response, recovery and homeland security activities. Signed by Governor, Chapter 372, Statutes of 2008
AB 1930 (Torrico) Improves plans for emergency preparedness, response and recovery for populations who have limited proficiency in the English language. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee
SB 1058 (Alquist) Establishes the Medical Facility Infection Control and Prevention Act, which requires general acute care hospitals to implement certain procedures for screening, prevention and reporting of specified health care associated infections. Signed by Governor, Chapter 296, Statutes of 2008

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Bill, Author Summary Status
AB 2124 (Beall) Establishes the Medi-Cal Alcohol and Drug Screening and Brief Intervention Services Program, to be administered by the Department of Health Services and the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Progams. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee
AB 2129 (Beall) Requires the State Department of Public Health to develop, coordinate and oversee the implementation of a universal screening program for pregnant women and women of childbearing age who are suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee

To obtain a copy of the legislation listed, contact the Legislative Bill Room at (916) 445-2645 or visit the following sites on the Internet: the California Assembly, the California Senate or the California Legislative Counsel Bureau's Legislative Data Center.

If you have specific questions about the legislation, contact the Little Hoover Commission, littlehoover@lhc.ca.gov, 925 L Street, Suite 805, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 445-2125 or (916) 322-7709 (fax).