Yountville Veterans Home

Study Schedule

Thursday, June 22, 2017
9:30 a.m., State Capitol,
Room 437
Public Hearing

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Description of Study

The Little Hoover Commission recently completed a 16-month review of the state’s veterans homes program.  In its March 2017 report, A New Approach to California’s Veterans Homes, the Commission called for greater self-sufficiency in the state’s veterans homes program and less reliance on the General Fund to free up resources to serve more California veterans, particularly those incapable of caring for their own health. 

As part of that review, the Commission heard significant testimony and public comment about both the critical infrastructure challenges plaguing the historic 615-acre Yountville veterans home campus and also learned of opportunities that could allow the expansive campus to flourish.  The Commission visited the Yountville Veterans Home twice, in November 2015 and again in October 2016 when it also held an advisory meeting attended by many home residents as well as officials from the California Department of Veteran Affairs (CalVet), infrastructure financing experts and community advocates. 

The Commission learned that unlike California’s other veterans homes, the Yountville veterans home campus, in addition to care provided to residents, offers a range of amenities including a resident-operated television station, a theater, baseball stadium and golf course.  The campus includes two reservoirs, one of which provides water for the Town of Yountville and is surrounded by several hundred acres of wildlife.  However, the residential buildings of the campus predate current planning and design requirements for seniors and require significant construction to meet current standards.  Deferred maintenance and critical infrastructure issues pose safety risks for residents and cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs.  Following its November 2015 visit, the Commission sent a letter to the Governor and the Legislature urging immediate action to address the critical maintenance and infrastructure issues at the Yountville home.

In considering recommendations for its March 2017 report, however, the Commission thought additional information was needed before it could articulate a path for the Yountville home.  To complete its review, the Commission will follow-up on with a hearing in June specifically to explore opportunities for the future use of the Yountville veterans home campus. 

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